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First fanfic of mine and the first fanfic of the community...

Author: the_dark_fey Aka Nick
Title: Falling Upside Down
Rating: nc-17 for cussing and soon sex...
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon nor will I ever own them ::sigh:: But still I seek no profit in this nor will I receive anything in writing it.
Pairing: None yet
Part: 1/???
Summery: The Elite have started taking over cities all around Johto and Kanto. With them there are some gym leaders to help construct dark towers, that no one knows what they are for. Now a band of gym leaders, escapees, and four chosen people, they are the ones to take on this treat to try and stop the Elite's plan...

Nick: Ok I do not own Pokemon, nor will I ever own them. ;_; I wish I did but hey what can one do? Ok this is a fic that is rated NC-17 because of violence , language, and sex. Do not read if you can not handle these type of things.

Reikai: Well then you shouldn’t be writing it now should you.

Nick: I can stand all of the stuff, in fact I have not had a problem with my acid reflux in a long time.

Reikai: I know I am just giving you a hard time.

Nick: Don‘t fuck with me dragon, I am sick and am having a problem with the universe.

Reikai: I know it is affecting me and Yumi too.

Nick: In the words of Shuichi “I am not horny, I am lonely” in other words my writing might not be the best right about now. And if you say one thing dragon I swear I will send you to that old white haired Hag in the archives.

Reikai: *Looks horrified* You wouldn’t right?

Nick: On with the fic.

Reikai: No tell me the answer!

*Screen goes dark*


Falling Upside Down

Chapter 1
~The Towers Part 1~

Pewter city was in flames as Magmars, Chaizards, and Houndooms raced through the city by their trainers’ side. They torched buildings and destroyed anything in their paths. On the other side of town Venasaurs, Vileplumes, and Bellosums used their razor leaves to cut down anything in their way, they too were taking orders from people in black. Gyaradoses, Azumarills, and Blastioses drowned anyone that tried to flee from the south. The towns people were trapped and were mowed down as fast as they could call out their Pokemon. These people were no longer just fighting till the Pokemon fainted they had their Pokemon tear the towns peoples’ Pokemon apart. Soon all were gathered in the center of the town and there came a rumbling in the ground.
Everyone one of the towns people, now pokemonless, looked around at each other as the sound became louder and louder until it roared. There an Onix broke through the ground and standing on its head was a dark figure in a brown cape with a hood that hid his face. He wore brown pants and a brown sleeveless shirt. The towns people looked up horrified at the massive creature that stood before them.
“Everything is as you wished.” One of the trainers said as he step forward.
“Good, now this town has been claimed in the name of the Elite.” The man on top of the Onix replied.
“What shall we do with them.” Another trainer pointed out.
“They will help us, they will build the Tower.” The man replied.
“W-who are you?” An old man asked.
“Why, I am surprised you don‘t recognize me. I am one the Masters of Rock, I was born here and raised. I even once was a Gym leader. I am Brock…” The man said looking down from the Onix. “And I come in the name of the Elite to take this town under their control.” He jumped from his Onix landing in front of the man. He looked at him then stated. “All now shall work for the Elite, my men here will instruct you on what you need to do.”
With that he walked away as the Onix struck the old man with his powerful tail sending him flying back killing him on impact with a huge bolder that had been pushed away out of the ground when Onix erupted out of the earth.
“Anyone that refuses to cooperate shall be killed.” With that Brock walked and jumped on his Onix’s now lowered head. “It will need to be completed in two weeks men, you know what is expected of you.”
Onix with Brock on his head burrowed back into the earth and disappeared as he came. The men immediately took to the task of making the towns people build a tower that Brock wanted. Anyone that fell behind was burned to a crisp by one of the trainers’ Charizards. However all the Pokemon were helping with the construction of the Tower.


In a city far away from Pewter City the wind picked up. The town’s people looked to the sky to see it filled with bird Pokemon. Then the security house just blew up. There charging through were several giant Rhydons, they ran down every Pokemon called forth and tore into everyone with their horns killing them instantly. Charizards flew from the south with Magcargo rolled up behind them making an inescapable wall. The Rhydons now had blocked of the east exit and coming through the west exit were Kadabra’s. They sent people flying away with Physic attacks, soon there came a cry from the sky as a Pigiot circled over the Gym. A person with a Silver cape with a hood covering their eye’s jumped down landing on the roof of the Gym.
“I hearby claim this city in the name of the Elite!” The young man shouted. He looked over the City. “Now that the Elite owns your pathetic lives you will now build a Tower for them. Trainers, emerge.” Soon trainers came from behind the Pokemon and stood there. “These people will ensure that you get it done right and on time.” He smiled. “I will assume that no one has any complaints, seeing how you would want to help your Cities Gym Leader, me Master of Birds, Falkner.”
The towns people were aghast that their beloved Gym leader would do this to them. They all stood silent as Falkner jumped up in the air and his Pigiot raced down to carry him away.
One of the trainers stepped forward, she was wearing a black outfit like the ones in Pewter City. “Now anyone that refuses to work shall be food for the Charizards overhead, I hope I am making myself clear.” She grinned. “Now there Pokemon will be helping to build the Tower with you however if one of you should decide to run, you won‘t get far.”
Just then a person took off running south hoping to get to the Ruins of the Unknown before he was killed. A Charizard spotted him and dove down. He ran and rolled just as the Charizard pulled up and a Magcargo covered him in burning lava. He began to scream as his flesh began to fall from his body before the lava cooled and covered him completely. He was covered alive and all the towns people had to avert their eyes so not to do something to get themselves killed.


The sun set and there could be seen a black square base in Falkner’s city. The people had all been sent in for the night and was told not to go out. However one girl snuck out to warn her boyfriend from a neighboring city. She snuck out her window and meet him without being seen.
“You have got to run and tell that the Elite are taking over cities, killing off all the Pokemon of the towns people, and then forcing them to build black towers.” Her voice was frantic as he told her boyfriend this.
He pulled her close and kissed her, he the spoke up. “Come with me, lets get out of here and warn them together.”
They started to leave when all of a sudden the girl was grabbed by her collar. She turned to see a man had a hold of her, by the looks he hadn’t shaved in weeks, and probably hadn’t bathed in longer. Her boyfriend hit him right in the side of the jaw.
“Let her go you stupid bastard!” He yelled it at the guy as he looked at him.
“We have ourselves a couple of rule breakers. However since I am an honest man I will let you live.” He looked at the girl with lust in his eyes. “But as you’re your friend over here, we will let the Charizard fight over his carcass later.”
He smiled at her and he had his Rhydon hold the boy down as he started to fiddle with his pants. He was going to rape her and she cried out asking for someone to save her.
“Doll, no one around here is going to save you, you will be raped right here in front of your boyfriend with no one to help you. And all he can do is sit there and watch it all happen, he can‘t help you.” The man began to laugh as he was just about ready. He then felt a sudden pain in his jaw as he dropped the girl. “Who the fuck did that?” He asked crudely.
“I did.” Came a strange voice. He had on a black cape that touched the ground unlike the gym leaders which only went to their waist.
“And who do you think you are you stupid bastard? You ain‘t no Elite Master, How the hell did you get that cape?” The gruff man asked rubbing his jaw.
“I am the one that will kill you now!” His hidden face now had two dark blue eyes glowing.
The young man in black swirled and kicked the would be rapper away from the girl. He was sent flying and the Rhydon looked on a little confused but it began to snarled. It forgot about the boy as its master called out an attack.
“HYPER BEAM!” The man in black called out as he raised his hand.
There shot out a yellowish orange beam from what looked like his hand. It sent the Rhydon flying back, when the attack was done the Pokemon had a hole in its stomach as it looked on confused and in pain. It gave a cry then fell to the ground, the man looked like he was about to cry.
“You will pay for that you stupid bastard!”
Without even taking in the Hyper Beam from the hand he had just seen the rapper ran towards the man in black. The man in black just stood there then round housed him right in the jaw, there were several snaps insuring that the bone had broken in several spots. The man fell to the ground tears and blood spraying out and he screamed from the pain.
“Hyper Beam.” The man whispered as another furious yellowish orange beam shot out of his hand.
When it cleared the man was laying there all the life had gone from his eyes.
“Who are you?” The girl asked.
“My name is Accalon, I am, was an Elite Dragon and Physic Master, that is until they decided to do this tower thing.”
He helped the girl up then the boy who cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Accalon put his hand over the boy’s rib.
“Recover.” He whispered the command softly barley auditable over the roar of the Charizards flying overhead.
The teen boy went white and when the light finally died off, he opened his eyes and looked around.
“It doesn‘t hurt anymore…” The boy was shocked.
“Thank you, however is there a way you can free this city?” The girl asked with a pledging look in her eye.
“Not with all my Pokemon I could not, I am sorely out numbered. However when everyone is gathered, I will see what I can do.” Accalon smiled at her trying to comfort her as her face fell. “How old are you two?”
“I am seventeen.” The boy said
“Sixteen.” The girl said a little horse trying to fight back the tears.
“Well then I will have to escort you to the next town now won‘t I?” Accalon said trying to keep the girl upbeat. “If you wish I could take you to help us, however you will need at least one Pokemon that you have strong ties with.”
“I am sorry but then I can not go for mine were killed in this massacre.” The girl said.
“That is ok, here take this one.” Accalon threw a ball at her.
She looked at it and opened it to reveal a small tan Pokemon.
“It’s an eevee…” She said kind of stunned.
“Yea see we get these young Pokemon to give to trainers that want to help us but they have no Pokemon because of the massacres. See if they evolve into a new one that means you have a strong friendship with them…” Accalon smiled.
“Lets see yours.” the boy asked Accalon.
“I have six and I will show you my most powerful one.” Accalon threw out a ball and a small snake like Pokemon looked around.
“How cute it’s a Dratini.” The girl smiled.
“That is your most powerful Pokemon? Then once we get to the base you and I can have a Pokemon battle.” the boy smarted off.
“Fine but what Pokemon do you have?” Accalon asked.
“Go Pokeball!” the boy said.
The ball opened up to reveal a dark dog like Pokemon. It was an Umbreon and by the looks of it, it was strong.
“Ok come with me.” Accalon said as he called back his Pokemon and helped them get away. The flat plain next to the city is where they stopped. “Ok. This is going to be dangerous this is your last time to back down.”
Both boy and girl shook their heads no and had called in their Pokemon.’
“Come on out Dragonite.” A huge yellowish Pokemon came out. It was just as big as the Charizard terrorizing the city. “You two will be riding on him.”
“What about you?” the girl asked.
“This is what all gym leaders and the chosen have.” Accalon remarked.
Black wings shot out of his back as a horn grew up in the middle of his head and white ear like things come up and had sharp edges as it leaned back. His tailbone grew until was long and it had two sharp blades on the tip. He had a blue jewel on his head below his horn. One appeared on each of his hands. His shoulder’s grew out to form a sharp point and his canines grew sharp.
“How do you do that?” The girl asked surprised as she and her boyfriend climbed on the Dragonite.
“I and the gym leaders have been given these gifts through magic.” Accalon said as he took to the sky and so did his Dragonite. “Hold on tight, you will be traveling really fast.”
They took off and the Charizards instantly spotted them. They took after the Dragonite until Accalon fired a aurora beam and killed one of the dragons. Then the sky light up with flame attacks all directed at Accalon. Soon everyone was out looking up.
One of the trainer looked up. “Shit he is a Pokemon gym leader.”
“No he is an Elite” The other trainer said.
“No the Elite would be on our side.”
“Well what else could explain him?”
“He is the one that left. He is the Dragon Elite that is as tough as Lance.”
“Should we call off the Pokemon?”
“No let them fry him, not even Lance is strong enough to defeat twelve Charizards alone and all attacking him at once.”
Soon the attacks stopped as once Charizard’s head flew to the right as its body fell to the ground. It landed head still spitting out small flames and soon its eyes rolled up into its head as it laid still. The body however flew a couple more flaps of its mighty wings and landed, it ran around knocking over trainers left and right no one being able to stop it and getting the shit knocked out of them until finally the body fell. The remaining Charizards looked confused and didn’t know what quiet to do. They flapped their wings as they remained suspended in air.
“Fire Spin You Dumb asses!” One of the trainers shouted out.
The confused Charizards let out a heated tornado of fire. It engulfed Accalon in an instant. However soon two eyes were seen within the fiery vortex. It soon died down as Accalon rushed forward decapitation more Charizards. He looked to see that his Dragonite and the kids that were riding it were far enough away.
“Dark Vortex!” Accalon’s voice pierced the night as a black funnel appeared in the sky. All the Pokemon that had been attacking the city were now being sucked into it. The trainers looked on horrified as all of their Pokemon began to screech from the attack as white lighting shot through it. Soon it died down and the sky rained blood and Pokemon parts. The trainers stood there dumbfound.
“I shall return and with a team like you have never seen before.” Accalon yelled then flew in front of the Dragonite.
They were soon flying over a body of water. On the other side after about a day of flying they landed. Accalon looked over at the two young people that he was now the guardian of. He transformed back into a human and started a fire.
“Um… Thank you for rescuing us back there…” The young girl said.
“That is no problem however tonight is going to be very hard to sleep because they will be looking for us.” Accalon remarked.
“Well what are we going to do?” The boy asked.
“Just try and get some sleep besides we may have to run again then we might be able to stay here.” Accalon said. “Wait hear that?”
There was Charizard cries overhear, they were looking for Accalon and the teen couple. Soon Accalon held out a poke ball that opened. The beam shot into the air as a huge Charizard appeared. It circled around then growled at the others soon they all disappeared and Accalon recalled his Charizard.
“So do you have names?” Accalon asked.
“The name is Alex.” The boy said.
“My name is Emily” The girl said in the same tone as the boy.
“Well Alex and Emily. We will camp here tonight, Don‘t wander off because I am pretty sure that some Syther is looking for an easy meal.” Accalon said with no humor in his voice.


The night was easy no Pokemon came near the campfire and no Elite people stumbled upon them. However at first daybreak Accalon had them up and soon were back to flying.
“Why are we up so early.” Alex asked.
“You will see soon enough.” Accalon said.
They flew for hours it seemed like and then something rose out of the water. It was a huge blue octopus type Pokemon.
“That’s a Tentacruel!” Emily said.
“I know. Just do not worry and do not look back.” Accalon said. “Dragonite get them to the base.” The yellow Pokemon roared in acknowledgement.
The Tentacruel raised its arms to grab at the dragon type Pokemon. Accalon shot out a powerful beam of blue energy. The Tentacruel looked towards him and dove underwater. Accalon did not move he just floated there. Then without warning the tentacles came out of no where and Accalon moved out of the way in time. He sent out another ice beam attack. It froze the Tentacruel in its tracks.
From the distance Alex and Emily heard Accalon shout out. “Dragon Blade!”
The sky light up and then died down, Accalon was soon next to them again.
“We have to be careful, the closer we get to the base the more dangerous and meaner the wild Pokemon become. We made sure because these Pokemon have never seen humans before and when the Elite came they showed the Pokemon the bad side of humans however the wild Pokemon overwhelmed the Elite and they became very dangerous.” Accalon explained.
They remained silent for a long time as they seemed to draw closer and closer for more and more attacks became more and more frequent. However the attackers were never attacked back. Accalon seemed more intent on getting to the base. It grew dark soon and Accalon landed with Alex and Emily.
“Come on out Dragtini, Espeon.” Accalon said as a little snake looking dragon Pokemon appeared and a purple split tail cat Pokemon appeared.
“I thought that they called you a Dragon trainer.” Emily asked.
“I am a dragon trainer that is true but I received an egg when I was young. It was new and they had no clue what Pokemon it would be. I took it along with my fist Pokemon Charmander and went on my way. It soon hatched into an eevee and not a week later it evolved into an Espeon. Carmander also evolved the next day. I mainly kept those Pokemon, I never caught another Pokemon until I saw an abandoned Magikarp. It was hurt so I nursed it back to health and then I was forced into a battle one time by some freak. Well Espeon did a really good job but in the end fainted and my Charmilion did the same really soon.” Accalon was telling his Pokemon journey. “So the Magikarp was well and so I had no choice. The guy sent out a Dewgong and attacked using Aura beam. It hit Magikarp but then it evolved into a Gyarados and delivered a furious hydro pump. It sent his Dewgong flying back to hit the water and fainted.” Accalon settled down and soon Dratini was around his shoulder and Espeon was falling asleep in his lap.
“So how did you get two Dratinis?” Emily asked.
“Well that is a long story, each one of them I captured a different way and I have three in all. The first that is a Dragonite I got when I was going through Pewter City for my ninth badge I saw a guy who was hitting the poor thing. I told him to stop and he looked at me. I remember it all so well.” Accalon said.

<><><>Flash Back<><><>

“Hey stop it.” A younger version of Accalon said.
“Why the hell does it matter this stupid thing is so weak it can‘t even defeat a pidgy.” The man said.
“Fine I will make a deal with you if I can beat you with it fully healed, all of your Pokemon against it, I get to keep it.” Accalon said.
“Fine we will meet back here in thirty minutes.” The man said. “Train it if you like but I doubt you will get any time to.” The man said walking off.
Accalon ran to the Pokemon center and sat there for twenty minutes healing the little Dratini and soon it was fully healed. He still had nine minutes before he had to get back to the battle site so he let out his Espeon and Gyarados. They both played with the Dratini for the time and with each passing minute it seemed to have more self confidence. He then petted the Dratini and it curled up to next to Accalon and fell asleep. Accalon awoke the small Dratini a little while later to have it float around him
“Come on little one, it is time that we show your master what you are made of.” Accalon stood up and the Dratini followed.
Accalon walked back to see the guy standing there he had greenish blue hair.
“What is your name?” Accalon asked.
“My name is Damian.” The guy said. “And now we will see how strong that little guy is.”
“Well Damian my name is Accalon. What you have done to this Dratini is unacceptable.” Accalon said. “Get ready for the biggest ass kick’n you ever have received.”
“I choose you Houndoom.” Damian said as a black dog appeared with silver horns facing backwards on it’s head and it had a red underside and chin.
“Go Dratini.” Accalon said.
“Houdoom fire blast.” Damian shouted.
The dog Pokemon shot out a blast of fire.
“Twister Dratini now”
The little dragon Pokemon shot out a small twister putting out the dog’s fire attack.
“Houndoom use Fire spin.” Damian shouted the command.
The dog shot out a tornado of fire. It engulfed the Dratini hurting really bad.
“Looks like you are going to get to keep it even if it looses it is no good to me.” Damian said.
Tears formed in the small Pokemon’s eyes.
“It is people like you that give trainers a bad name.” Accalon spoke. “Dratini listen to me, I will never abandoned you, I believe you can beat him. Just trust in the power inside.” Accalon said and the smiled as the Dratini looked back at him.
The tears stopped and it looked back and Houdoom. It began to glow white as it grew even longer and a horn grew on it’s head. Blue sphere’s formed on its neck and two on its tail. It had evolved.
“Go get ‘em Dragynair.” Accalon shouted.
“What the hell?” Damian was flabbergasted. “How the hell did that little weak thing evolve?”
“I showed it its inner strength which was a lot stronger then you made it feel, I showed it compassion, kindness, caring, and most important, that it was strong and had a friend in me.” Accalon smiled. “Dragynair. Hyper Beam!”
The Pokemon sent out a ferocious beam of yellowish orange light sending the Houdoom flying back.
“Houndoom is unable to fight, Dragynair wins.” Came a voice.
They both turned to see Brock standing there.
“And how the hell do you think you are?” Damian asked.
“Damian, I guess you will never learn, after your Charmander was taken from you now your Dratini, or should I say Dragynair.” Brock said.
“How did you know about my Charmander?” Damian asked.
“Because I was with the person that got it. The boy by the name of Ash Ketchum From Pallet Town.” Brock said. “and I just believed you lost this battle and in doing so lost one of your Pokemon.” Brock smiled looking towards Accalon. “You remind me of a smarter version of Ash. How old are you?”
“I am sixteen and have only been training for one year. I have all the Johto badges and now I have set off for Kanto.” Accalon said.
“What is your name?” Brock asked.
“Name is Accalon, that is all you need to know about me Brock.” Accalon smiled.
“How did you know who I was?” Damian had all but been forgotten and snuck away leaving the Dragynair for Accalon.
“Because I am a master with my Pokemon. If I were in a battle where the opponent should not know the other‘s moves I would win.”
“Care to make a wager on that?”
“Yea I wager a badge on it.”
“Fine a badge it is.”

<><><>End of Flashback<><><>

“So I went on to beat Brock in a no say battle and got my first Badge of Kanto. I went on meeting all of the Gym Leaders there and ended up facing the Elite four and winning.” Accalon said. “My Dragynair evolved a little over two weeks later, she did it to save my life from a wild Rhydon. All of my Pokemon are females incase you are wondering.”
“What about the other two? How did you get them.” Emily asked.
“Yea how did you get your last two Pokemon.” Alex asked.
“That is a story for another time, now you need to get some sleep because we will be off to an early start, but I will finish my tale after Alex and mine‘s Pokemon battle, once we are at the base.” Accalon smiled.

End of Ch. 1

Nick: So how did you like the first ch. I already have the sides made out and I will have to go through every city of the bad guys. And then a lot of other stuff so yea. Keep reading and go and review, so that I know that this past three days haven’t been a total waste. Bai and have fun. Now all I have to do is see if my disclaimer is alive, she went to the bathroom and hasn’t come back yet.

Disclaimer: Back now then Nick does not own…

Nick: To late, what happened did you fall in?

Disclaimer: No I didn’t it just took a little longer then expected.

Nick: Why may I ask?

Disclaimer: Because...

*Screen goes dark.*

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