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True this is a fanfic posting site, but still I have recieved valueable information...

One on Sept. 9, 2004 they will release Pokemon versons Fire red and Leaf green, which you explore Kanto once more as a male or female, and you once again explore Kanto, I am pretty sure that Kanto is the only region but you can transfer pokemon from all the other games, and off either south or the west shore of Cinibar island there are nine islands to further the game. And apparently there is some glitch that does something to your game, what you will need to do is on this site... that aslo has info on the Fire red and Leaf green and Emerald and movies cards and tons of other things.

Also on Sept. 16, 2004 Pokemon Emerald will be released in Japan, which will have the prebattle moves like Crystal did, and it will have Rayquaza on the cover, there will be new outfits and from what I have found out there will also be some new features...
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